Management Team

CSR Inc has a unique blend of experienced practitioners and professionals from diverse fields and sectors with disruptive ideas and breakthrough solutions. The management team has the CEO and Chief Coach at the top who is supported by three-tier subject matter experts, specialists, and associates.

The Subject matter experts and specialists at CSR Inc are having minimum experience of 15 years in their respective areas of work and subject. They all have been leaders and have hands-on experience of working in their respective fields. They come on board of CSR Inc as independent experts and specialists and commit to providing their services to it. It’s a big network of such experts and specialists spanning across India. This network enables us to reach out with our services to any geography of the country.

The subject matter experts and specialists are positioned in the first two tier of the organizational structure. While the first tier expert/specialist is designated as Principal Coach, we have Coach-in-Charge in the second tier of the organizational hierarchy.

The ‘Associates’ are freelance professionals who are empaneled with CSR Inc to work on projects. The Associates are required to have a minimum experience of five years working in the specialized subject/area. They are designated differently basis their knowledge and experience.

The support team comprises of Finance, HR, administration and office staff.

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