what we do

Unlike a consulting firm, CSR Inc positions itself to serve you as a ‘coach’ or ‘mentor’ on sustainability, CSR, and human rights. We assist in building organizational potential as well as technical capabilities of your team to design and develop a ‘sustainability roadmap’ which will guide and help you to deliver anticipated results in areas of environmental and social responsibilities. With you, CSR Inc is committed to forward the global agenda of achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) in India.

CSR Inc is mandated to function as a CSR watchdog institution too; shall speak upfront against the irresponsible and unethical practices happening in CSR domain and stand up against misuse and misappropriation of CSR.

Apart from the broad mandates as mentioned above, specific services of CSR Inc include the following:

  • Promote, support and improve awareness on evolving understanding and practices of Strategic & Transformational CSR
  • Promote and support Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 that mandates companies to undertake and implement CSR in India
  • Work with and for governments towards achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Assist national and international donor agencies; facilitate them for corporate partnerships in CSR projects
  • Collaborate with academia for undertaking social research and developmental studies on subjects related to corporate responsibility, sustainability, and human rights
  • Support and facilitate NGOs in improving their corporate understanding and enhancing their capabilities to collaborate with companies
  • Participate at, partner and/or organize summits, seminars and conferences on CSR, sustainable development, and human rights
  • Collaborateand/or undertake promotional initiatives such as CSR Awards,etc.
  • Undertake and/or participate in implementation of CSR projects
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