Special Services

We at CSR Inc go beyond the specified services under CSR, Sustainability, and Human Rights. We also provide some special services as per following:


R&R has always been a complex subject. Companies seeking to acquire land are mandatorily required to comply with “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.” We have R&R Experts and Specialists at CSR Inc and we provide following services to you

Development of an exclusive R&R Policy, Undertake social impact study, Carry out communities’ needs and baseline assessments, Draw up R&R Plan, Implementation of R&R Plan and help companies find implementing partners, Assessment and Identification of community’s risks for businesses, Stakeholders’ satisfaction and Performance measurement, Report development,


Our research unit undertakes all kinds of research works associated with CSR, human and sustainable development and human rights. It includes a long list of research work but does not limit to baseline assessment, needs analysis & assessment, stakeholders’ happiness/satisfaction, social risks analysis & assessments, etc.

We undertake a specialized research work to map out the perceptions of stakeholders for companies.


We have expertise in imparting training and building capacity of internal CSR team of a company and its NGO partners. We also run an exclusive training program for the CSR Committee members and management team.

We are unique in our approach to run customized training programs for people’s representatives including MPs, MLAs/MLCs and Panchayat officials and bureaucrats.

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