CSR Inc, a private company, is mandated to provide professional assistance in terms of coaching, mentoring or services to companies, governments, and NGOs on corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, and human rights. CSR Inc is a knowledge lab for CSR and sustainable development professionals. It works in partnership with you; handholds and coaches your team and management to deliver high-quality impactful services in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and human rights. CSR Inc aims to collaborate with governments on advancing the agenda of CSR and sustainable development goals in India. Also, the Company upholds the commitment to engage with local and international NGOs, donor agencies and academia to assist and/or partner them in delivering value-based services in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We are an expert organization with a team of subject matter specialists, practitioners and development professionals who possess hands-on experiences of handling CSR, sustainability and human rights projects. The team CSR Inc is guided by ‘Mentors’ or an ‘Advisory Council’ comprising of leaders from industries, academia, governments and civil society organizations.

We assist companies and enable them to identify those critical issues which are impacts of some erroneous policies and/or irresponsible business practices. Therefore, finding remedial and breakthrough solutions to correct and mitigate those negative impacts would remain high on the CSR Inc’s agenda.

We will be working as facilitators and enablers to assist you in developing your sector specific social challengs, best practices and emerging trends that will potentially impact your businesses.

We will carry out studies and research; do advocacy with corporates and policy makers. We serve as a service provider to companies on CSR, sustainability, and human rights.

We at CSR Inc promote:

  • CSR for Transformation
  • CSR for Social Justice
  • CSR for Equality& Equity
  • CSR for Democratic&Human Rights
  • CSR for Equal Opportunity
  • CSR for Sustainability
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