Why Us?

We coach and train you to actualize your potential and capacity to ‘do well’ in your business by ‘doing right and doing good.’ We are not consultants. You are not our clients. We treat you as our partners on a journey to transforming our society to a place in which everyone has equal access and rights to knowledge, economic opportunities, quality of life and right to participate in the democratic process.

Our values, our passion, and our way of doing things guide us serve you differently. We begin our work by asking the right questions and then dive deep into the root cause of a problem or issue to extract the right solutions. We do not settle for off-the-shelf solutions; our approach and recommendations are highly customized. We help you decide where you want to go, and how to get there. We assist you further on decisions to get translated quickly into action. We commit to leaving you stronger than when we arrived. This thinking and approach enable us to stand different from others.

We are unique in our approach to providing professional services and solutions to you. We work skilfully and diligently with following 10 differentiators

Beyond consulting

We are an institution with a difference. We are different from ‘consultants’ who use conventional knowledge and standard approaches to CSR. CSR Inc positions itself to serve you as ‘coach’ or ‘mentor.’ We handhold and facilitate you to meet CSR commitments by using the company’s internal resources and organizational strengths, and also by exploiting your partners’ professional knowledge and expertise.

We trust in strengthening your capacity

In our engagement approach, we focus on developing and building your team’s technical and operational capabilities so as to enable them to deliver on social responsibilities themselves in the long run. Invariably corporations in India have been practicing the charity/philanthropy led model of community initiatives under CSR which is ad hoc, piecemeal, unstructured and non-aligned to prioritized needs of communities.

We promote ‘Strategic CSR’ to create ‘shared value’

The existing CSR models facilitated by consultants and practiced by companies have failed to establish a symbiotic relationship between business and society. We, therefore, coach your team to adopt a structured and scientific approach to CSR and undertake need-based initiatives which are strategic to companies too. We, therefore, promote “Strategic CSR” which plans and adopts a balanced and structured approach to meet needs of stakeholders. Strategic CSR endorses the principles of creating shared value (CSV).

We help companies do mapping of potential human rights and social risks

CSR in its right approach helps a company undergo a journey of doing sustainable business by mitigating all kinds of social and human rights risks and thereby ensuring a social license to operate the business. Mapping of social and human rights risks are absolutely out of the corporate radar now; companies wait and react to some social problems when they occur. It helps businesses to save costs in the long run.

We focus on the stakeholder approach

We assist you to identify those stakeholders who are key and critical for your business. Moreover, they are those stakeholders who would be keen to consider CSR performance for enabling them to take decisions for investing in your company or going for a deeper and long run business associations with you. Also, we work on a unique approach to CSR in which we encourage businesses to identify and engage with stakeholders of community projects; involve them in planning as well as in implementation phases of the project.

We coach your team on ‘impact’ led CSR programs

The focus in CSR is shifting from ‘spend’ to ‘impact.’ Impact led CSR practices in India are all likely to become a new trend. In our approach to CSR, we assist your team to create baseline data first and then benchmark the performance of the project on evaluative parameters and indicators. We customize tools for measuring positive impacts of CSR project. We assess SROI in consultation and participation of communities and relevant stakeholders.

We help you strategize and integrate social branding and perception management as an approach to CSR

Commercial branding to influence customers’ or other stakeholders’ decisions are becoming redundant. The stakeholders’ perception of a company is becoming critical for business sustainability; is now reciprocal to its social branding. We, therefore, prepare companies to integrate ‘perception management’ into CSR strategies to help them enhance their image and reputation.

We customize our CSR approaches; do not work on ‘One-size-fit-all’ approach

We understand that business needs and challenges are different and unique. They vary from company to company. Therefore, a single approach to CSR does/will not work. We, therefore, build the capability of your team to identify issues and challenges of your business and then help them undertake tailor-made approaches.

We are a group of senior CSR and sustainability professionals

We areaunique composition of experienced professionals from diverse sectors and professional networks. Unlike consulting organizations where CSR and Sustainability services are delivered by a bunch of young professionals without having industry specific experience and enough field exposures, we have our mentors and coaches from different areas and have enough hands on experience.

We provide coaching at a highly competitive cost

Our business motto is ‘to serve’ at the lowest cost possible with the highest degree of quality and satisfaction.

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